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Offal Chef Featured in NY Times

It was great to open the NY Times recently (8/16) and see this in the Dining section. I have included a small excerpt from the story as well as a link to his restaurant and to the article. I can’t wait to eat at Fatty Crab in September when I am in NYC. So go and check him out. I hear good things. Support the offal cookers.

The freshest produce(and duck tongues?)

New York Times
Dinning & Wine, August,16,2006
By: Melissa Clark

AMONG the many orders of chefdom, there are two rarely intersecting sects. There are the zealots of the farmers’ market (Alice Waters, Dan Barber), who serve peas only in June, tomatoes in August, kabocha squash in October, and not much from December through May. Then there are the cult-of-offal aficionados (Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain), who braise brains and tongues, stew snouts and tails, grill gizzards and hearts, and fry any and everything most butchers have to be persuaded to sell them.

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