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Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

chris cosentino cooking on iron chef america
Photo: Courtesy of TV Food Network

We have all been patiently waiting for the airing of my battle on Iron Chef America. It’s finally time to start frying your pig ears and chittlin snacks and chilling the beer and bubbles. Make your bets and start your party plans because the date is finally here.

My Iron Chef battle versus Mario Batali will air on Sunday, April 22nd. (on the Food Network, check your local listings for time)
Trust me it has not been easy having all of you ask me, “who won and what did you cook?” But the wait will be over soon.

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  1. We’ll all be watching here in sprung. By the way, we miss you guys.
    Tha Bryans and The Malizias

    Brad Bryan | | Reply
  2. Can’t wait to see it! I saw the commercial today and recognized you from an old article about Montezuma’s Revenge. Good Luck!


    p.s. I’ll be watching as I recover from a 13 hour solo race on Saturday 😉

    jason | | Reply
  3. Hey Chris! Rodriques is my husband’s boss at Salve, so when he came home and told me, I had to Google you! Congrats on success in your field. Can’t wait to see your Battle – the commercial showing you asking to go against the ‘guy with the orange’ cracked me up. Good to know your sense of humor is intact! We’ll be watching – good luck!

    Alison Carr Gaumond | | Reply
  4. Hey chris!! KIck his ass!! hope the camera gets a shot of your addidas !!! love to you all!! were all watchin!!

    Sean, Tanya, Sam

    Sean Sullivan | | Reply
  5. soooooooo close! I thought ya had it. Regardless
    you just earned yet another fan. Awesome job!!!
    Bravo. I’m a fello chef who’ll be visiting fam in
    Mill Valley the end of May. I’m traveling from
    Maine. I’ll be in the area for a week. I’m DEF
    going to eat at Incanto… Can’t wait! You guys

    Sean Doherty | | Reply
  6. Just saw the taping, I think I smell a rematch in the works….2 points is a close one.

    sean sevilla | | Reply
  7. Awesome battle!! WOW I wish I could have been on the tasting panel for that one! I thought your cooking was imaginative, daring, and sounded /great/!

    Jesse Williamson | | Reply
  8. Kill the ref!

    Usually I can say, well, I didn’t taste the food, maybe it tasted better than it looked. But Batali won mostly on plating!

    I want some of those mistake noodles cooked in pork stock.

    Robert Lauriston | | Reply
  9. Tough loss. Nice Job showing off offal. The squab looked great. just wondering whats on the arm bands you guys were wearing. Nice shoes too.

    Brandon Harpster | | Reply
  10. You were great on Iron Chef!
    I have to try to deep fry honey comb tripe like you did. Never had it crispy before…but always willing to give something a taste.
    What’s cooking at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday?

    The Food Diva | | Reply
  11. You were robbed! I just don’t get it. You should serve up that menu at the restaurant. Putting a garlic clove in the claw should have put you over the top in plating if you ask me.

    Amy | | Reply
  12. You and team were OUTSTANDING! Cool under pressure (you could have lost it when the pasta went into the tomato sauce!)

    No question, Battali is good (I’ve been to Babbo) – but SO ARE YOU! Really admire your “guts” to experiment w/”guts”…. Can’t wait to try your Garlic Menu in May.

    Buona fortuna sempre!
    Annette Baron, April 24, 2007

    Annette Baron | | Reply
  13. I absolutely loved the look on the judges faces (especially Ted) when you explained how to eat the squab brains. Brilliant dishes, Chris. In my opinion, if the first two dishes weren’t too strong for the judges, you would have won…or at least a tie. IMHO, I love the bite of garlic. If I can get to Incanto in the fall, I’ll be sure to bring you a sampling of the garlic I grow. The carpathian is a stinger. Kudos.

    JR Prospal | | Reply