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Iron Chef America its over for now!!!!

I had to wait 6 months before I could talk about this! There is only one real thing to say.

“I want a fucking rematch”. Oh yeah and a whole lot of Thank You’s.

cosentino verse batali

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Tatiana what can I say you are the rock in my life thanks for pushing me, I love you more then words can say.

I would like to thank both Ravi and Jonnatan for giving it there all for me, as well as there vacation time you guys rule!!

Mark Pastore thanks for being the best boss and buisness partner a chef could have.

Matt Yep and the folks at upper playground for styling us out.

To my kitchen staff who kept it all going every day.

Thanks to all of my family, friends and offal eaters alike who have been supporting me with your emails and phone calls. If you have comments about the show dont hesitate to tell The Food Network.

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