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Meat Papers interview

A few months back Sasha and Amy came to Incanto with a recorder in hand, to ask me a whole slew of questions about my love for offal. After an hour or so they said thanks took a menu and were off. They put togther this great new magazine all about meat, and if you love meat like I do you need to have this magazine.

For issue #0 they threw one hell of a party, and our 1 hour conversation became this article. Take a look and enjoy, I had a great time working with them and I look forward to seeing there magazine grow.

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  1. Hey, Chris? Get with the program! I had to read elsewhere that you’re in line for the next American Iron Chef– you should have been the first to tell us. In fact Ruhlman (to be one of the judges) gives you high praise, saying you’re “doing God’s work”! So c’mon: let’s have a little chest-thumping!

    Zhopsik | | Reply
  2. As per eating phallocentrically… here on the east coast in the Hispanic markets, pinga de toro (bull’s pizzle) is in the meat case.

    I don’t recall this as being a Mexican thing, but rather, Dominican/Portoriqueno..

    They don’t have than in Califas?

    ted | | Reply