Chef Chris Cosentino’s educational and inspirational tool for those who are interested in learning about and cooking with offal.
Boar Heads

Offal Meat Markets

Here is a slew of photos that I have taken on my past 2 trips to Europe, they are from both Italy and London. These photos show the true passion for food that Europeans have and how the whole beast is a very important part of their lives. From a simple game bird to a horse meat butcher, and speciality tripperia all have there place in the daily markets.

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  1. As an american I was raised by a mom who actually encouraged us to try different things. There are some things I always used to put my nose in the air about but I find as I get older, I become more open minded. Most of the people I know won’t eat beef hearts or chicken hearts and such because they think it’s disgusting. I happen to think properly cooked they taste great! I love the pictures. That butcher sure has a CLEAN area! And it’s displayed so nicely that it makes me want to experiment more and broaden my horizons so to speak. I happened on this site quite by accident and will add it to faves!

    Gayle | | Reply
  2. Hi
    I’am from europe and offal is an amazing part of the animal with great flavour, prep right and cooked right, served with the right componants its the best, what do u americans think most of your HOT DOGS are made out of??????
    Great site keep educating offal might catch on

    Adrian | | Reply
  3. i love the fact that your trying to get americans to understand.the best meal of your life is out there.u just gotta try it to find it

    cory scordo | | Reply
  4. Hi I’m from Florence (Italy), I kow well the market shown in the pictures….it’s beautiful and also very traditional. Somehow we still foster the tradition of “eating everything out of the cow”. Have you ever tasted cow’s breast? It’s sweet with a milky taste.
    Come and taste delicious “uncommon” meat!

    Monia | | Reply