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Offal Truth

Common Ground Magazine

Who would have thought that a primarily vegetarian magazine would do a story on me and my offal beliefs. A little bizarre to see my photo among ads for yoga and raw foods but, its nice to see that folks are grasping the concept whether they eat it or not.

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  1. Hi. I’m a vegetarian, and a foodie, and I just popped over to your site from Metafilter. I think this idea is great, and I will be cruising through your blog.

    There are actually a lot of vegetarians out there who are not against other people eating meat but do wish more people would be more respectful toward animals and the environment when they choose to consume meat. Wasting some of the most nutritious parts of the animal just because they remind you that you’re eating something dead has always seemed pretty ridiculous to me.

    jaelithe | | Reply
  2. That’s fantastic! And I agree with jaelithe — While a hard-core meat eater, I have more respect for Vegans than I do for people who eat meat without giving a thought to its source. Of course, my ultimate respect is reserved for the two ends of the spectrum – Fruitarians, who kill nothing and hunters/farmers, who are actively involved in the death of their food.

    Brian B | | Reply
  3. I read the article in Conscious Choice – Chicago’s Common Ground sister-publication – I thought it was great. I plan on trying the Beef Heart recipe that was part of the article. Thanks

    justin | | Reply