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Offal on Modern Marvels

A few months ago the folks from the history channel came by and filmed me cooking pork offal. I just received the news it will be airing on modern marvels.

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  1. love how u gave ruhlman the cauliflower. did u make sure u let him know it was “al dente?” ha. can’t wait for the special on history channel.

    Daniel | | Reply
  2. Chris, you were excellent in this piece. The dish you served up looked excellent. My wife was OK with the whole thing until I said “Honey, this is your brain on Chanterelle mushrooms.”

    Doesn’t matter. I’m definitely making Incanto a must-visit the next time we plan a trip up there. Your food looks excellent and I like your style.


    Phil | | Reply
  3. Hey Chris,

    Saw you on Modern Marvels! Nice segment, even if the bulk of the show was a sloppy kiss for the factory farming movement. You did well, IMHO. Brains and chantrelles, huh? OK, I’ll give it a go on my next boar…

    Hank from Jersey | | Reply