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Cloning Procedures

FDA poised to approve cloned meat??

This image gives a whole new meaning to shagging sheep.

Well folks, I guess we have truly reached the pinnacle of fucking stupidity. I cannot believe that the public knows what they are getting themselves into with this cloned meat program. It reminds me of when I was in high school and had to read Aldous B. Huxley’s, Brave New World and how the genetic order was pre-chosen for each person. Do we really need to do this with our meat? What will be the long term effects of this, why are they overriding natural selection that happened for a reason. Who knows what will happen to humans after eating this meat for years. There isn’t enough info in my opinion to back the safety of this huge leap of scientific faith. Come on people, wake up and smell how rancid this is! Read this article that is linked here in the Wall Street Journal. Please voice your opinions now, speak and contact your congressional representatives or write the FDA. This is a scary path to be taking. Be sure to know where your meat and milk are coming from now.

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