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Pig in a Box

Put your pig in a box

This Christmas I decided to do something a bit different, I roasted a whole pig for my family and friends. This was a great meal alot of laughs and a ton of great pork. What more could you want for Christmas My family was happy. As you will see by the photos its very similar to that great Saturday Night live skit. This pig box is killer i will be doing this every year. The photos give a step by step.

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  1. OMG…that looks awesome! I’ll have some skin! Did you make a dipping sauce for it? In the Philippines we had soy sauce, vinegar, with onions and garlic as a dip.

    Joy | | Reply
  2. Oh My God she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    So, are you gonna put the recipe up on this website? hehehe.

    btw I totally cracked up when I saw her smiling picture.

    Shila | | Reply
  3. You reminded me of my parents’ 10-year college reunion 5 years ago, when I was 9 years old. They cooked a whole pig like that and it was delicious. Thanks for the memory Chef Cosentino!!!

    Catherine :-)

    Catherine | | Reply
  4. Heh it reminds me of traditional Filipino parties just as Joy was saying.

    I thought it was a funny picture of you with your tiny jar, only a quarter full of salt, for that 85 pound piece of pork.

    Oh also, here’s a question I’m surprised no one else asked: What happened to the offal? Did you cook those too?

    Joseph Bayot | | Reply
  5. I LOVE this picture series — a whole pig in a minivan, next to a car seat, cooked in a standard issue back yard. I see this and think, um, I guess I could do that . . . and that’s a huge favor to me! I can’t afford to keep making up reasons to go to New York and eat at The Spotted Pig — I’ve got to get braver about offal cooking, not just eating. You’re a good mentor for bringing it on home.

    Julia O. | | Reply
  6. The box reminds me of what we called Cajun Microwaves back home, but the outside doesn’t look as durable as swamp cypress.

    That was one fine-looking pig you cooked!

    Lori K | | Reply
  7. I love the La Caja China. I have done over 20 pigs, hundreds of chickens (16 at a time), turkeys and even a whole lamb in it. Being from the South Carolina we believe in eating the whole animal. This is a great site.

    JB Bannister | | Reply
  8. I SO want one of these – but I think my wife would be unhappy at filling half our not so big DC yard/garden with a pig cooker. Not that it’s gonna be the same as the whole pic in a caja china, but I’m thinking about trying to do a shoulder in a smaller hand built box. Might get around to it sometime this summer.

    Drew | | Reply
  9. Ooh nice. My parents never cooked the pig themselves, but for special occasions (we’re Vietnamese), we’d buy the whole pig already roasted at a Chinese BBQ place (they’d also do roasted whole ducks).

    Jennifer | | Reply
  10. You are what you eat I suppose… Absolutely disgusting – fat, tissue, cancers, tumors, infection, blood vessels. These belong to a living creature. You are deluding yourselves thinking this is “food”. It’s a carcass – dead flesh and not NECCESSARY. Man survives better on a plant-based diet… for health & heart – GO VEGAN

    Bea Elliott | | Reply
  11. been there done that. The box is great and the pig is cooked wonderfully. BUT – it is a roast pig, no flavor of the coals or the grill, no bar-b-que, no crispies, just baked. Tastes like it came from an oven (which it did) and is not as good or tasty as a grilled on top pic

    johnk860 | | Reply
  12. Your face is so ugly there is no way your getting laid so you take out your frustration on killing animals. Die the same cruel death the pig did. Can’t happen soon enough.

    colleen q | | Reply
  13. Colleen Q … He’s ugly, mean and nasty… I’ve just discovered these “offal” people here exist on the gross-out factor and trying to avoid the ethics. I have a 7 year old that does the same thing… the boy will do anything to avoid reality or “serious thought”.

    Why are the ethics avoided so vehemently? Accept that there really is not argument – and no justification for the animal killing… Reduced to mono syllables and doing the avoidy-thing they chant “hummm…bacon”….

    Bea Elliott | | Reply
  14. Do you even know what this website is about Bea?? There whole idea about eating offal is that you have respect for the animal and that your not just eating a choice cut ….and throwing out the rest. Or grinding it into dog food ….the people that are on this website are the people that are pushing the sustainable food movement….supporting small farmers, fisher man…educating people on where there food comes from and how it gets there, so they can make there own decisions on what they eat…and yes maybe they would decide on nuts and seeds, if they seen a cow being bled out. Cooking with offal has been apart of human history
    as a way of not wasting an animal that has been killed, do you think the modern way(BonelessSkinLess) is better?
    But i see that you have nothing wrong with death threats and can sit in your high tower looking down at the meat eating monsters, not leting your kid be a kid…nibbling on organic vegtables from your local farmers market that have been grown in shit from Dairy,beef, and god forbid a chicken factory farms….so think about that the next time you bite into that carrot….or eat a big bowl of over cooked barley…..

    Colleen Q….you must be 10..11…years old….your parents shouldn’t let you on the internet by yourself..

    Jesse Vergen | | Reply
  15. Colleen, Bea. Please do not comment on this site. We do not enter forums of your interest and make rude comments on the way you choose to live. Although you may not agree with people eating animals I think you will find that the food enthusiasts on this site are much more respectful to plight of animals at many factory farms than most consumers in the market. I wish more animal activist would realize it’s the unaware and indifferent that is the enemy to the ethical treatment of animals. Most of us who are passionate about food would rather skip a meal than gorge ourselves with over processed factory farm products.

    In addition how about looking into some of the ethical aspects of vegetarian eating. Just because its vegetable does not mean it has no impact on the environment. Have you ever seen a commercial potato farm? Or why not become fruitarian instead of killing vegetables? Stop letting other people tell you what your morals are. Get out there and see for yourself like many of the people on this site you may find that your perspectives are a bit turned around.

    Phil O | | Reply
  16. I attempted to make a statement like this one time, but I did not get an especially good response. I hope your writing on this subject turns out better than mine did. Keep up the sterling work.

    anti cellulite cream | | Reply
  17. I hope you don’t mind me bringing it back to the pig BUT here is a great injectable. Blend a jalapeño pepper, pineapple juice, cumin and salt together well. I inject this into the pig at LEAST one day ahead of time. When I place the pig in the box I also pour some fresh marinade with sliced peppers in the body cavity. It is a great alternative to Mojo and gives you just one more option and reason to cook a pig.

    My new project is cooking a whole cow, 3 lambs and 2 goats over an open fire “Argentina Style” I would love to hear ideas about some great rubs (no sugar) to put on these beast. We are going to get a website with webcam set up for the event in April.

    Chris you are invited if you want to come.

    JB Bannister | | Reply
  18. If the whining psychos have left, lol, I’d love to see the photos. Are they posted anywhere else?


    Perry P. Perkins
    “La Caja China Cooking”
    “La Caja China World”

    Perry P. Perkins | | Reply