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Chili and Bones

Closer to the bone sweeter is the meat!!

Speaking of using fish guts heres a dish that I prepared for the chefs of Sebo when they came in for dinner on Monday night. Here is a step by step on how I use tuna spines as a great dish. It was great to cook them a dish that is based around food they work with everyday. One chefs trash is another chefs dish.

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  1. chef c, that tuna looks amazing.

    Thanks for a great meal (like two months ago). If you recall, I stopped by to chat with you for a few minutes about the Iron Chef competition and the Next Iron Chef show. Then you told us how you made the braised octopus. Anyways I love your restaurant and food, I’ll be sure to drop by next time I’m in SF.


    matthew k. | | Reply
  2. That looks just wonderful. And there’s enough meat on the spines to be worth picking off? Awesome.

    I’ve actually been wanting to fry and eat tiny fish spines, which I’ve been served but never cooked myself. I just need to figure out which kind of fishies are good for that (if not all).

    Danielle | | Reply
  3. I’ve eaten fried spelt (or at least that’s what I think they’re called). Small, whole, uncleaned, fried fish goodness. Umm, crunchy. Spines sound good too.

    Matt | | Reply
  4. I had this dish at Incanto in the fall (did the Il Quinto Quarto Tasting Menu) and it was excellent. Definitely our favorite of the five, though the cocks’ combs came in a close second.

    (do Matts like offal the most?)

    Matt V. | | Reply
  5. I love using fish spines – especially from the chinook salmon and stripers we catch in the Sacramento River. We brine them and smoke them, then eat like finger food – I just find it easier to get the meat off the spines when you don’t have to be neat.

    Hank from Jersey | | Reply
  6. This looks completely amazing, Chris!

    I have to admit that its never occurred to me that you could do anything with tuna spine…

    I absolutely love how your mind works! You inspire me to keep thinking differently about food. Thanks for that.


    The Yummy Mummy | | Reply
  7. I really get inspired looking at some of the things you do. Now if I only had somewhere to get a tuna carcass. I really can’t wait to eat at incanto. good stuff.

    Diego | | Reply
  8. I have always wanted to try brains…the trouble is that whenever I have tried to order them from somewhere, I have been told that they have been banned because of fears of BSE. This was for lamb brains and I am wondering of calve’s brains have been banned too. I live in Minnesota, so is there anywhere where I could look to see the current regulations on this for my state?

    bte | | Reply