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Fish Market

Honolulu Fish Auction at 5am

I just came back from Hawaii and I had the opportunity to go to a 5am fish auction. This was a fast paced fish buying frenzy. I couldn’t keep up with the dollars until the fish was sold. The fish were laid out and had a slice of tail cut and a core punch so they could judge the quality of the fish. It was a beautiful range of super gorgeous fish, wish there was a sushi bar there, because there was only shitty coffee.

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  1. There’s something so sleek about tuna, and something so goofy looking about opah!

    bob mcgee | | Reply
  2. Gorgeous fish! I miss good fish markets. Don’t miss hauling 500 pounds of squid to them at 3 a.m., but I miss shopping in them. Hope you got some good ideas from Hawai’i.

    Hank | | Reply
  3. Can you explain what core shot and tail samples? I assume it is to show the quality of the fish, and I am thinking that it likely allows the buyer to examine fat content, texture, etc. Am I close?

    Robert | | Reply
  4. hey thats my buyer in the back ground. Im the guy who ships and sales that fish all over the world. Chris I have sent you some fish once I think. next time your in Hawaii let me know Ill show you all the great places to eat and go. I also have a 30′ boat for some sport fishing trips. And to the guy asking about the cut on the tail and core you are 100% correct, its also to check for sashi a fat deposit in fish thats no good to eat.

    Aloha from Hawaii
    Aron Gonsalves
    Hawaiian fresh seafood

    Aron | | Reply
  5. I’m sorry, David, I can’t accept the implication of your “Their must kill fish is so strong that they can demand that no restriction of any kind be placed on this kind of need. ” If that’s indeed their need, and yes it was allied to wise practice, the need would be associated with support for marine supplies. These reserves, scientifically recognized, might enable continuity from the species and therefore enjoyment, by O’Farrell supporters, from the killing; that, apart from provision of quality protein to the human diet. Soila Orscheln

    Soila Orscheln | | Reply