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Must go Sebo

I know this site is where you all come to learn or hear about bits and bobbles, well I love fish more then you know. So I wanted to share my favorite place to go for Japanese take a look and see. They also do izakaya  Japanese bar food on sunday nights which always has some great dishes I have never seen before. In April we are cooking together for a special dinner using all of the fish guts and all, with sake pairings from beau at true sake. I look forward to seeing you there cause thats where I will be on my days off for dinner, come see what you are missing.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful fish.
    Is the restaurant named Sebo, and what are the elements in the first pic? Those sardines look dreamy!

    bob mcgee | | Reply
  2. You say meat offal. I say fish offal. Let’s call the calling off, off.

    Long live monkfish liver.

    Matt | | Reply