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Offal Good Q&A

The Astor center in NYC is holding a Q&A with yours truly. You can get all the details here, at Astor Center NYC.

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  1. Chris –

    I’m planning on being there. I’m really looking forward to it – you know, so far I haven’t been able to convince my husband that we should pony up the $500 and attend the dinner, but the offal wasn’t convincing him (it’s really the
    only thing he won’t eat.) The man will scale the side of a mountain without ropes, but liver reduces him to a quivering child.

    I thought your Astor Center menu sounded amazing and adventurous – maybe I’ll learn some tips and techniques at the Q & A that will make him a believer! Looking forward to it.


    The Yummy Mummy | | Reply
  2. Chris,
    You’ve got such a great and informative site here. Thanks for spreading the love of offal. I’ll have to make my mom’s famous Garlic Gizzards in Glass Noodles dish just for you. When I write about it on my blog I’ll dedicate it to you!

    White On Rice Couple | | Reply