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James Beard nominates offal

This past year has been a bit of fun, but when Meredith Arthur and Eric Slatkin came from Chow to film a video about obsessives they were all ears and, as usual, I was all mouth. Luckily, they caught every last bit of it on film. To my surprise, the video: Obsessives : Innards Working has been nominated by The James Beard Foundation in the webcast section under the Television Food Show, Local and National Category. Congratulations to Meredith and Eric for putting together a great video! As I wait with baited breath until June 6th-8th for winners to be revealed, I am honored that this has happened. Thanks to Chow for giving me a soap box to stand on and an outlet for the offal cause to be distributed worldwide. My voice may be loud, but I think we all know by now that the internet is louder.

Offal eaters rejoice…our voice is being heard.

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