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Offal and Meat Consumption in the News

With all the recent books on meat such as “The compassionate carnivore” and “The shameless carnivore: A manifesto for meat lovers” and the recent USDA debacle in chino, I have been getting alot of calls about my beliefs on animal husbandry as well as my fondness for offal cookery. Here are two articles about meat and offal consumption that I have recently been interviewed for.

Respecting the meat you eat.

Haute cuisine, head to tail

Both of these articles are showing the growing interest in properly raised animals as well as offal cookery. Its amazing how people are changing their tune, do to the effects of mass factory farming leaving a huge foot print as well as its disrespect to the animals.

Its great to see that people want to turn the clock back and save these cuts as well as return to proper farming techniques. This is a breath of fresh air, which I look forward to seeing more of.

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