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Chicago lifts foie gras ban!!!

“Mayor Richard Daley has repeatedly called the ban “silly” and said it made Chicago “the laughingstock of the nation” but was, until now, unable to convince council members to repeal the ban.”

That says it all!!

Congrats Chicago you won.

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  1. Complete agreement with Eric & JC, but my fear is that by the time 2012 rolls around everyone will have forgotten, and the ban will quietly go into efect. Meanwhile, a friend in Chicago tells me that during the ban most restaurants continued to serve foie “under the table”, and as it was only a city-wide ban, life pretty much continued as normal. Here, the ban being state-wide, the story may well be different. We need some plans on how to combat this issue.

    Zhopsik | | Reply
  2. Are Americans so barbaric that a ban on torture would be considered “silly”? Animals have feelings. They are not machines. Read up on foie gras and how it is made before posting these ridiculous comments.

    Connie | | Reply