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Head to Tail in NYC!!

The idea of taking the Head-to-Tail on the road is a daunting task but when Leslie from the Astor Center asked me to bring it to New York I jumped at the chance. There are so many things I could say about this event from the early arrival to the procuring of product I have to say I had a great time working with my friends Jonathan, Aaron, Rolando, and a whole slew of volunteers-without them I couldn’t have done this dinner. Picking up and cooking a dinner from scratch in a whole new kitchen is a huge task, especially when you don’t know what the products will be like when you get there, or if they even got there.

The great commentary from Michael Rulman who not only spoke but also got me to spill my guts on guts. Thank you all for all your help it was a great success.

Take a look here at the different links with videos and photos.

My Photographer Michael Harlan Turkell

slash food

grubstreet video


more intelligent life

Michael Ruhlman:1

Michael Ruhlman: 2

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  1. Great job on the dinner! I wasn’t there but I looked at the articles and wish I had been! Really like to get my hands on some tendons, now if I can just find them….

    shaun | | Reply