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Bluefin Head

Cooking at Sebo’s Tuna Dinner

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This was a great night of sake and tuna had by all 15 who attended, especially me because I chose to do this dinner on my birthday. The most amazing part about this dinner was the Kindai Tuna and how special it is, a true sustainable bluefin tuna. I never knew about this until the first discussions of cooking this dinner, absolutely great fish. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Michael and Danny I learned more about tuna in one night from them, then years in kitchens. How to cut it properly, age the fish and treat it in the Japanese style. I look forward to cooking with them again in the future, whats the next fish guys.

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  1. Every piece of tuna in those photos looks absolutely fantastic. Really nice birthday dinner!

    mike | | Reply
  2. Oooh — you got a kindai! You are one lucky SOB. Been wanting to try this tuna for months, ever since I heard that the Japanese had finally raised a bluefin from an egg…

    Hank | | Reply