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To Eat Local, Kill Local

San Francisco Magazine’s august issue broke into a very touchy subject slaughter, “To Eat Local, Kill Local”which I was proud to be a part of. Slaughter houses are just like prisons, no one wants one in there back yard. But isn’t it amazing how people want criminals to go some where, and they want meat to come from some where as long as its no where near them. Please read this article and look at the bigger picture of how a sustainable and humane slaughter house can work in the bay area. Please help this cause, it would be a great benefit to all the local farmers and ranchers.

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  1. Chris,
    What do you think about places like Morris Beef out of Gilroy where you buy a portion of a cow. Is it worthwhile even if you don’t have the freezer space or do you think it’s best to only buy what you want when you need like Nieman Ranch from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s?
    And when can I buy a book talking about Offal? Do one like Thomas Kellers!! Tell me about the joy of the sweetbreads and kidneys. I want to learn.

    Los Gatos Girl | | Reply
  2. your doing the right thing .help is what they need.everyone needs to understand we create better understanding andbetter food .just try.i want more chefs to help!your fucking awsome

    cory scordo | | Reply