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Le Sang Des Betes 1949

This is a black and white short documentary about the slaughter houses of Paris in 1949 by George Franju, the title translates to “The Blood of the Beasts” .

This video was given to me a few weeks ago and I wanted to show it here on the site.

This is a graphic film and to some it may be offensive.

The rest of the movie is after the break.

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  1. I’d seen this before, I think as an extra on “Eyes Without a Face”. I got the sense that it may have been intended as a kind of shock film, but I was actually amazed at the efficiency with which these men worked.

    Jesse | | Reply
  2. awesome. I still wonder about the cyst that forms on the wrists… I never saw them give the “death blow” to the sheep. Very informative. Amazing as to how far we’ve come from a sanitation stand point

    jason | | Reply
  3. I spent the saturdays of a few of my childhood years “helping” my cousin butcher cows, sheep, pigs and the like for my uncle’s butcher shop in a small Colorado town. Something died on those days, but it was as gentle as can be, and the meat and offal was treated with respect. It’s not easy for most people to imagine what has to happen for them to eat meat. For me, it was a part of the cycle of life.

    jai carney | | Reply
  4. To Colleen Quinn – I echo those sentiments – unfortunately in the meat/animal murdering business there always seem to be a new bunch of thugs to bully around defenseless animals just to eat them. It’s a gross, disgusting habit really… the tendons, blood vessels, tumors, cancers, leisons, veins, scar tissue, infections… the urine and feces -the fear – the pain… the death. Meat so sucks. Go Vegan –

    Bea Elliott | | Reply
  5. The people in this video are incredible. Thank you very much for posting this. It shows the brutal honesty of animal sacrifice in such a wonderful way. It makes me sick to think we have become so far removed from this. True man-against beast, real jobs, real food, real. If we returned to this kind of living, we would all learn to appreciate the wonders of animals alot more closely and emotionally.

    David Jackman | | Reply
  6. Awesome vid! Was so impressed I posted it on Facebook, and enjoyed the responses of fellow carnivores, along with the inevitable vegitarian backlash. Well worth it, thanks for the link.

    Duncan Haigh | | Reply