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At the table with

At the table with… Canada

At the table with

For all of my Canadian Readers or anyone with dish you can check out my “At the table with”, I was blown away when they asked me to be a part of this. The caliber of the chefs they have worked with is amazing and I am honored to be among them. The Canadian food network team”Anthony and christoph” spent 8 days with me in SF and NYC filming and interviewing friends, colleagues, and family members. This is basically my life condensed into a 1/2 hour. They collected all my photos from my childhood until present I cant wait to see how this show turns out. I haven’t even seen it and its my life. Check your local listing and watch please let me know what you think.

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  1. I saw this on TV last night. I’m coming down to SF at the end of November for business and I’ll be sure to stop by the restaurant. : )

    John | | Reply