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Iron Chef America Again!!

Iron Chef America Again

I am sure you all remember the first battle againsts Mario Batali.

Yes the rumor is true I am going back for another shot, as seen here in the ABC News video “Iron Chef Secrets Revealed”. I am honored to have been asked back to stadium kitchen. This is what you all wanted; the battle between me and my friend, Iron Chef Michael Symon. This coming Sunday October 26th tune in to Food Network and watch. Look for your local listings.

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  1. Just watched it, and as a Culinary student and a Chef De Partie. I loved every second of it. Offal is making a steady comeback and im happy to see it pop up on more menus.

    Frank DeLoach | | Reply
  2. Houston was pulling for you last night Chris. You and deserve a ton of credit for the exposure you’re giving to sustainable eating and using the whole animal. I wish Food Network would have featured this minus all the halloween hype…Variety Meats and that type of cooking is intrinsic to the roots of American cuisine…not trick or treat. I appreciated your presentation of the food “as is” in really nice rustic ways. Thanks for keeping things honest and interesting.


    Mike Toering | | Reply
  3. I was offal disappointed that you did not win that iron chef battle against Chef Michael Symon! I thought your dishes were great!

    I wish you had your own show on the food network! I loved watching you work that offal!
    I think your dishes are very creative and different from everyone else’s! The best of luck to you in your career! :) Brittany

    Brittany Maria | | Reply