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Some well deserved Thank Yous!!!

Well Its all over, you know the results. I want to thank a few folks who have made this return to kitchen stadium possible:

My incredible wife Tatiana Graf “I Love You” who has put up with the stress of it all, as well as years of me working long hours.

My business partner Mark Pastore who gave me the chance that no one else would, and the ability to do what I believe is right.

To my best friends Ravi Kapur and Jonathan Levia I wouldn’t have done it without you guys you always make it so much fun no matter how hard it is. I love you guys Thanks again!!

The entire staff at Incanto and Boccalone you keep the dream moving everyday.

The staff at food network, Bruce, David, Jill thanks for making us fell at home on a stressful day.

Triage thanks for making guts look so good on TV Eytan, Steve, John, Mary

Michael Symon, Powder and Sawyer thanks it was great fun and a hell of a battle.

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