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Its Turkey Time Again

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Every year for Thanksgiving people are getting ready to sit down to eat turkey. Today I was able for the second year in a row, help with the 4-H heritage breed turkey slaughter. What an amazing experience, this was attended by full families young and old all helping. What is so great about this program is that these are kids who raise these birds, sell them in auction, then help with the processing of the birds.

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  1. Did you see the news coverage of one of Sarah Palin’s interviews, filmed in front of local turkeys being slaughtered? The news media made such a fuss of it, blurring out and sanitizing the images of the upside down turkeys in the background and making comments about how unappetizing the site was, etc. I was really disgusted with the media feeding frenzy on this, not the normal site of turkeys being humanely processed to nourish countless people.

    It’s really shame how compartmentalized food production has become, and how separated people are from their food production, whether we’re talking about plant OR animal food (industrial-scale plant crops kill nature and animals in its own brutal way with soil degradation, habitat destruction, chemical applications, and harvesting machines, but most plant eaters don’t know that, either).

    Anna | | Reply
  2. I saw the pixellated turkey heads and wondered about that – I’m in Australia, I don’t know that the TV networks would do that here.

    Thanks for the photos, they’re very interesting.

    Zoe | | Reply
  3. One of my earliest memories is raising turkeys and chickens for the local (Walnut Creek!) 4-H club over 30 years ago. Henrietta (yes, I named her..) was killed, cleaned and consumed in our back yard. My parents thought it was important for all of us (5 kids…) to gain understanding and respect for our food cycle, at a young age. Ah yes, these pictures remind me of family holidays!

    Indeo | | Reply
  4. i think u should stop killing poor animals because they dont need there lives to be ruined they should be able to live there lives instead of you ruining them to be honest you are disgusting:@ you can make meat because i have goggled it so why do you have to kill poor animals it is cruelty leave them alone now. reply please

    sophie garbett | | Reply
  5. I dont like this activity of my heart soul and body.every one have living right.
    do you know dead/kill pain…..
    every one have that pain…
    i love every people and animal insects and fish and other
    I’m buddhism,
    one day that butchers faced all of the action as a reaction
    god bles u

    Lakmal Hewage | | Reply
  6. You fucking Americans, Europeans , middle easterns etc…u all will burn in hell and suffer miserably for killing these poor animals for stupid religious and thanks giving activities…all these prophets were assholes if they taught u to do this….u are all in great trouble.

    Priyankar rajvansh | | Reply
  7. Yeah… you all are rediculously heartless. “Nourishing people”??? There is no need to nourish a carnist… they’ve already given up on their health by consuming flesh. FLESH EATERS. Wow… way to be proud of slaughtering innocent creatures in the name of your stomach and taste buds. Sick sick SICK people. Enjoy your death you freakin’ MONSTERS.