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Chicken Eggs

pre formed turkey eggs

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These pre formed eggs are a tasty treat that have been used for years but not normally seen in the US markets. I first had these eggs while on a trip to Asia and it was served to me in a rich heart warming soup. After the turkey slaughter I had a bunch so I made this soup with cauliflower mushrooms, pasta and spinach it was an instant hit.

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  1. Oh, my. My bubba used to pull those out of the chickens she bought in the old italian market in Philly, and she would cook them in the soup for me. Yum, thanks for bringing back those good memories!

    nessaz | | Reply
  2. Very informative stuff – thank you for taking the time to share it! I’m also interested, which theme have you installed on this blog? Its a great design and I would like to know if it’s custom or not.

    self catering edinburgh | | Reply
  3. I used to live in Spain, and on the first street where I lived, there was a meat store specializing in offal, stores of this kind used to be called “casqueria”. I doubt they still exist. Anyway, they used to sell the bright yellow things called “huevos de gallina” or possibly “huevas”, I can’t remember. I never purchased any because I wasn’t sure how to prepare them. And like other posts, I want to know – what exactly are they?

    Juliet Jones | | Reply
  4. Had dinner at a Laotian friend’s house, she prepared a traditional Lao chicken soup with lots of unlaid eggs & fresh dill. She showed us the single saran-wrapped styrofoam package of fresh ingredients (the eggs, innards, herbs) which can actually be purchased at Lao/SEAsian markets in Oakland area. I don’t know the store names tho, will need to ask her. Soup was super spicy, kinda scary-looking, & oh so delish!

    @Trinadj | | Reply