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Grist has an intresting article on the subject of shmeat. Do you really want to know what it is? I have voiced my concerns in the past and, as usual, PETA has been helping this product to be approved for human consumption. I am afraid that it will primarily be consumed by people who are of a lower socio-economical status.. What is that old saying, “shit rolls down hill” ? So, that must mean “shmeat rolls down hill” as well. It will end up in processed food, which goes to children in schools who depend on school lunch programs, and families who don’t have enough money. As well as most major fast food outlets that will grind this product into burgers as well as meat nuggets. This product will once again dumb down the palates and fatten the bodies of children. Take a look at the article, and speak up before star trek food is in the food system without you even knowing it.

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