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Kudos from Dana Cowin

In october editor and chief  of Food and Wine magazine Dana Cowin came in for dinner, of all the days it was my anniversary.  I am very fortunate to have the best wife in the world who understood that I needed to be at the restaurant. So we canceled our plans to go out and she came to dinner with my son at the bar. Just yesterday we got the February issue of Food and Wine, and in her “Letter from the Editor” Dana shouted her praise’s about her meal. I am very grateful and excited that she enjoyed here experience, but most of all I am lucky that I have such a supportive wife and family. Thank you Tatiana I love you more then you know.

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  1. Off topic a little but I only just found your blog – very interesting. I’m a fan of eating all parts of an animal (it’s not disrespectful at all – why kill it and only eat some bits?) and your blog is all that and a lot more besides.

    Scott at Realepicurean | | Reply