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Leg of Beast

Year of the OX

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This leg of beast came to be after many requests for the whole beast events to be available to smaller groups meaning they wanted me to find smaller beasts, not possible really so we came up wih this. This entree can feed 6 to 8 people  and is accompanied by marrow bones, some bitter greens, and cannelini beans with beef tendon. This is a great way to start the year of the ox, with one of its legs. To find out more or book a leg for yourself and 6 of your friends check out Incanto.

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  1. Looks absolutely amazing! I definitely prefer pig to beef, but the shank is a seriously under appreciated piece of meat. The pepper beef or “Peposo notturno” that Buford talks about in Heat is seriously good and so easy. Sometimes all you need is meat+salt+time+heat (low)=flavor.

    Andrew | | Reply
  2. can you please elaborate on the red wine reduction and the braising technique. I thought for brasing the meat is 1/3 of the way submerged and cooked covered at low heat for many hours. do you mind sharing thoses details?? Thank you

    Alex | | Reply
  3. what a fantastic idea. this would make a great birthday dinner.

    ooh and the new brunch was fantastic.

    karine | | Reply
  4. Chris,
    Kudos to you and your team at Incanto for the wonderful “Leg of Beast” you served the 6 of us on 2/13. Aside from being a treat to the visual, olfactory and gustatory systems, the meal was the envy of a good portion of the restaurant who enjoyed stopping by the table to question or comment.
    What meat I couldn’t finish that night was used for a version of machaca with my eggs the next day, and the marrow bones were donated to a hunting friend’s lab who promptly buried them in the back yard to season for a bit.

    Again, many thanks to the Incanto crew.


    Phelps | | Reply