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Argentina 444

Argentina 444

Offalgood readers, I’m writing to let you know about a food-themed travel series I’m doing next April. It’s called Argentina 444: 4 chefs, 4 cities, 4 seasons. Each season next year, one US chef will travel with a small group to four cities in Argentina. We’ll experience the best food, wine and restaurants of each region. I’ll be teaming up with chefs down there on what I’m sure will be some pretty incredible menus- the whole thing will be a great adventure for me and will definitely mean great meals for everyone who comes along. It’s all guided, exclusive, first-class, and the activities and restaurants being lined up sound incredible.

I’ll be going on the Spring U.S./Fall Argentina trip in April 2010 and you can come with me! Bookings are open to the public, to get  more details. Contact Alberto Inza, who is organizing Argentina 444. You can email him directly at Alberto can answer any questions you might have about the cities we’ll be visiting and the restaurants we’ll be dining in, as well as trip pricing and timing.

Hope this all sounds as exciting to you as it does to me. I’d love to see you at the table in Argentina next year!


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