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Fermin Factory Tour

Here is a slide show of my recent tour of the Fermin processing facility in Spain. This factory is like watching a ballet its so beautiful how everything is handled with such care.

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  1. The factory line reminds me of images from the earlier versions at the old slaughterhouses here in Chicago around the end of the 1800s, only this seems slightly more sterile 😉 Great photos, thanks!

    Darrin | | Reply
  2. Hi I am a chef from new zealand and have recently went back to uni to study tertiary teaching,In the course of my studies I was asked to right a course, I could teach in my own disipline. I chose offal for its cultrual diversaty. I have already submited my paper and have also developes part of my course for students to access on line,Discovering your tour of Fermin Factory is fantastic and I beleive this could be of benifit to students studing butchery of cheffing therefore. I would like to ask permition to use your slide for this purpose would this be possibe?If so could you email me a link please.

    Kind Regards

    janet Mckay | | Reply