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Guts to Cook Guts

Do you have the guts to cook guts 3.0

Derek & I prepping

Derek & I prepping

After each years head to tail I look back and say how can we top that, and each year its a challenge that I gladly  welcome. With the past 2 year we have brought in stages to spend a week cooking with the Incanto team, and it has been alot of fun and a great experience. Each stage has come and left their mark, thank you to Derek, Omar, Michael & Jonah!!  So to continue on in that spirit we shall do it again, its time for someone else to come and play.  This is all about sharing, inspired by the constant requests for knowledge about how to cook offal. Now’s your chance to learn. I will be accepting 2 volunteers to help with the event this year. You get to come into my kitchen and help cook 2 nights of head to tail dinners. You will work your ass off, have some fun and learn a ton, but there are rules to this game. This offer is open to professional cooks only. You will be an unpaid volunteer. You must commit to working in my kitchen for 5 days, from Friday, april 1st through Wednesday the 6th except for Tuesday, which you’ll have off to recover. You must submit your resume and a short essay on why you should be one of the chosen ones. This is a busy time and I don’t have time to be baby sitting. The Head to Tail dinner is a multi-course menu with a shit load of detailed work..

Here is the pay out; you get all 4 of my t-shirts to take home and you will be able to sit down and enjoy the head to tail menu in the dinning room on the last night. And you have to write a story for me to share on this website after your time here to share with the world. Jonah I am still waiting for yours, don’t make me call Paul.

working out the plating

working out the plating

Email your resume and brief essay to me at by friday March 4th. I will make a final decision and contact the 2 lucky winners on March 7th to confim your participation. This gives you 4 weeks to make travel arrangements. Ultimately, this is a fun opportunity to be a part of a great team for a week and learn how to cook some innards.

2010 head to tail team

2010 head to tail team

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  1. havn’t written an essay since my apprenticeship but will give it a go. looking forward to working along side you chef

    james strine | | Reply
  2. Hello, Chef and crew at Incanto!

    My name is Kylie. I’m a farm girl. I grew up in a farming family near the small rural community of Beulah, Manitoba, Canada. And I’m positive that this has a direct relation to why I’m writing you this letter.

    I have found myself on the line, working the pans station at DNA Restaurant in Montreal, QC. Ten years ago if someone would have told me that they “cooked pans”, I probably would have gave them a glazy blank stare and changed the subject. That was before I dropped out of what I was “supposed” to be doing after high school, and enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was the best move I ever made.

    Growing up the way I did, food was always more than just about eating. We filled our freezer with beef from our pasture, which we could see through our kitchen window. Another freezer shared pork from a neighbor across the way, with the chickens that my mom expertly raised every summer. The cold room had bags of potatoes, carrots and onions from the garden every year. And I STILL challenge anyone to make better homemade salsa or refrigerator pickles then my mom. From almost as far back as I can remember it was part of my farming role to help dig/peel potatoes, or to make sandwiches to take out to the field for the guy’s lunch.

    What scares me is when I tell people these things, and they get that same glazy blank stare.

    So now, I’ve taken that respect for food, which I believe was bred into me, and I’ve turned it into a career that I never could have dreamed of. I love what I do. I find new lessons and challenges every day in the kitchen. And as I’m advancing and growing as a cook, I’m realizing that my ultimate goal is to be able to learn and preserve so many of those forgotten techniques and skills – and to be able to pass them along to anyone who is willing to listen.

    I honestly feel that participating in your nose to tail dinner at Incanto would be a great catalyst for doing just that.

    Thank you, and regards to you and your team.

    Kylie Evans

    Kylie | | Reply