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Brains & Eggs video

My brother in law Michael Hearst and his band One Ring Zero made this great song out of a recipe I make here at the restaurant. Below is the video and song, but you should really check out his website which has all the info on all the chefs who have contributed recipes and interviews for the upcoming book and CD.  Ok, I watched Solid Gold as a kid, but never said I was a professional dancer. That being said you wont see me on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ any time soon. Enjoy the video and song, I had a blast being a part of it.

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  1. Adorable! Makes me want to try brains – sort of. 😉 ‘

    Can’t wait to try Incanto in September. Vacations are good!

    sundevilpeg | | Reply
  2. Hey Chris. I guess this falls under the heading of “you know you’ve made it big when….” Awesome.

    Owen Mudge | | Reply