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Save The Ocean, Eat A Squid

To start this off, I don’t like going on boats anymore, which is ironic since  I grew up on boats, sailing, fishing  and working lobster boats in New England. About 10 years ago I was in a boating accident that makes me second guess being out there that far on a little boat in the big sea. But this was the opportunity for me to catch the big nasty giant squid, so I was in. What an adventure it was I caught the big one for the day at 75lb and 45 minutes of fighting to bring the squid in I got my monster. Click on the image above to read the story published in Mens Journal this May, and yes I barf!

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  1. I’ve never eaten one that big. Is it much the same as their smaller, very tasty cousins? Looks like that thing could feed a football team.

    Fish | | Reply
  2. Really interesting piece, Chef. I am counting the days til my September re-visit to The City, and my pilgrimage to Incanto. After reading this, I am hugely interested in trying Humboldt squid, so I do hope it’s on the menu.

    See you soon – and Happy Father’s Day!

    sundevilpeg | | Reply