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Tripe Salad

Delicious Tripe!!!

What else can I say, it’s tasty stuff. But I can tell you when I was a kid I can remember smelling my great grandmother Rosalie cooking tripe and my brother and I running away in fear. How ironic is it that one of my big goals is to get more people to eat offal, especially tripe since it is higher in protein and lower in fat then a T-Bone steak.

I have included a recipe from Tuscany for a cold tripe salad. This one is great, the tripe gets shaved thin like ribbons and dressed in a lemon garlic vinaigrette.

shaved tripe salad

Shaved Marinated Tripe Salad with New Potatoes and Parsley

Yields 6 portions


2 lbs. Honeycomb beef tripe (preferably unbleached, organic, if available)

1 batch Tripe cooking liquid (see recipe below)

5 cloves Garlic, minced

1 TBS Chilli flakes

3 ea Bears limes, zested and juiced (you may substitute lemon)

3 TBS Champagne vinegar

3 TBS Italian parsley, roughly chopped

10 Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled, boiled and sliced into

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