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Where To Buy Guts..

Where do I get these meats? That’s the question I’m asked most often. It’s amazing that what used to be available in every butcher shop are now considered hard-to-find specialty items, but that’s another story. To start with, I can give you a list of places in the Bay Area as well as a few mail order spots where you can get offal. For those folks outside the Bay Area, I suggest you do two things: 1. if you’re lucky enough to have a local butcher shop, ask them. They may not have guts on hand, but they can probably order them for you. 2. Check out the “ethnic” markets in your area; Chinese, Latino and Filipino markets (and probably others I’m not familiar with) usually have offal in their meat section. The following list is by no means complete; it’s just a starting point. Now go get some guts and start cooking. And add your favorite retail spots for offal in the comments section below and we’ll compile a more complete list so that someday soon everyone, everywhere can bring home some guts for dinner.

Prather Ranch Meat Co.

I get a lot of lamb, beef, and pig offal here. They are great to work with and do small batch retail for regular non-restaurant folks. Plus they are Certified Humane just like we are at Incanto. They regularly have tongues, sweetbreads, liver, ears, tails and many other delicious treats all for the asking.
Niman Ranch

I get pig, beef and lamb offal from these folks as well. They also carry sausage casing as well as lots of cured products. You can either buy online or find a local butcher that carries theire products and ask them to order it for you. Niman is a staple in the meat industry in the Bay Area and they always have good product.

Marin Sun Farms

You can find them at the Saturday Ferry Plaza farmers market or at their own shop in Point Reyes. They have great beef and lamb bits. This is where I get my Marin Mountain Oysters.

Golden Gate Meat Company

Here is another great SF source for offal, they ask for a preorder to get you what you want. They carry all animals as well as different types of sausage casing for you home sausage makers. I also use them at the restaurant and their service is incredible. They have a shop at the Ferry Building in SF.

99 Ranch Market
Daly City Store
250 Skyline Plaza
Daly City, CA 94015
(650) 992-8899
This is one of many locations around the country specalizing in asian ingredients, but has a very large offal section. Which is a major part of asian food culture.

To answer an email I recieved here is where one can find Balut embryonic chicken eggs:

Island Pacific Supermarket
(650) 827-0888
3573 Callan Blvd
S San Francisco, CA 94080

There are also many markets in San Francisco’s Chinatown that carry a large range of offal both dried and fresh. You can also buy live quail, roosters, and chickens at:



Get a live bird and do the deed yourself. That way you get all the offal and can eat the bird with it.

There are a couple of places on Clement Street (around 6th Ave) in San Francisco that have whole birds and offal as well.


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