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Pig's Head

Let them eat pigs head!!

Let them eat cake, what the hell did marie antoinette know, they cut off her head. My thought is let them eat pigs head in as many ways as possible. Just recently I was trying to put some new cooked meats on the antipasto platter and came up with this one.

Its royal name is: Porchetta Di Testa – Translation a pigs head that is boned out then marinated for 2 days with rosemary and garlic rolled and tied then braised for 14 hours in a sous vide bag at 200 degrees to keep it all together.

Here is a photo journal of the process.

whole pig head

Start with one square cut berkshire pigs head.

split pigs head

Debone the head from the chin and work your way around the jaw up into the rest of the head until the meat is free, dont make any extra holes.
pigs skull with skin next to it

Once the skull is removed split the skull with a saw to save the brains and have a proper butchers treat of brains and egg, then roast the skull for stock.

whole head no bones

As you can see once the skull is removed there is alot of meat to work with.

marinated pigs head

Then season both sides of the pigs head with salt, black pepper, garlic, rosemary with chili flakes and lemon zest. let it marinate for 2 days in the fridge then roll it up and tie it tight. Place it in a sous vide bag with some herbs and garlic and cook. Remove form the water and drop it in a ice bath and let it set for 2 days.

pigs head cooked in a sous vide bag

This is after it has cooled in the ice bath and let to set in the fridge for 2 days before cutting.

pigs head cooked out of sousvide bag

Remove all the gelatinous stock and fat from the pigs head in the bag, then remove the string and herbs that have attached to the meat..

split pigs head cooked

This is now ready to be slice on the meat slicer and serve.

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