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Ruhlmans Ceasar Salad Challenge

As seen here, a challenge has been throw my way by Michael Ruhlman to make a pork belly ceasar salad for the menu at Incanto. Since this all started because he despises the ever-present chicken ceasar salad, I decided to make just that, but my own way of course. Click below to see my version of the chicken ceasar. Top that, Ruhlman.

Here it is; a crispy cocks comb salad that has all the same components as ceasar salad but the croutons are the fried cocks combs. What could be better than a crispy gelatinous chicken treat to top a traditional salad that you would find at any Applebees? Eat your heart out Tyler Florence.

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  1. Please please please tell me this will still be on the menuthe first weekend in October, when we will be in SF for a music festival. We’ll be there for this!


    parkbench | | Reply
  2. I have been trying to make caesar salad soup with no luck at all. I can make a mean lettuce soup but caesar salad soup has so far eluded me. Maybe the addition of cockscomb croutons would help?

    sam | | Reply