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Offal Stone

Delicious pig parts

To me every part of a pig is absolutely delicious. This head and some bits were dropped off to me on Friday. They came from a duroc hog from biagio a Sonoma meat co-op run by Michael. These parts were put to use quickly for a new dish for the menu Saturday.

pork offal

Raw pork heart, liver and kidneys from 1 animal, before they are cleaned and trimmed for use.

These meats have been trimmed and cleaned of ventricles, membranes and fatty tissues before they were diced and marinated overnight, in a mixture of juniper, allepo chili, thyme, bay leaves, black pepper, and a splash of red wine.

offal cooking on a hot stone

Using a hot stone from Le Sanctuaire , I cooked the pork bits with red onions until they were medium rare. The hot stone cooks like a plancha and caramelizes great without any added fat. Cooking on the stone has a primeval feel to it, as well a it adds a great charred flavor to the meats.
pork offals dish

I have tossed the meats in a bowl with rucola, mint and zinfandel vinegar,with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. And of course I seasoned it with salt and pepper.

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