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Next Chef

The Next Iron Chef!!

The Next Iron Chef premiers this Sunday, Oct 7th at 9PM/8C. You can watch a preview here:

This reality show is going to outdo all the others. The teaser will give you a glimpse of what it was like–it was fucking hard! (watch and see how often they have to bleep me). The other chefs have huge talent and a ton of experience. It’s a great group, and I was honored to compete with them. You can view all of their sites by clicking the names below:

Morou Ouattara of Alexandria, VA
Jill Davie of Los Angeles, CA
Traci Des Jardins of San Francisco, CA
Aaron Sanchez of New York, NY
Michael Symon of Cleveland, Ohio
Gavin Kaysen of San Diego, CA
John Besh of New Orleans, LA
Watch Sunday night as we all get ripped apart by the three esteemed judges; “The Mauler” Andrew Knowlton, “The Brawler” Donatella Arpaia, and “The Stickler” Michael Ruhlman. So, dear readers, place your bets in Vegas, set your tivo or whatever you may use to record, because you don’t want to miss this show!

I would also like to thank the staff of Food Network and Triage Entertainment who made this show possible. I can’t name you all, but you know I love you (especially you, Bruce).

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  1. Chris,

    That is one bad ass picture…although does everyone know how much makeup we had to have on during the show. It was an honor cooking with you on the show, and I am happy to have met you and look forward to eating all your crazy foods. Stay in touch and have fun watching this sunday!

    Gavin Kaysen | | Reply
  2. Woop! Very exciting seeing you on the show tonight. One of these days, I won’t have to watch TV to see how you are doing. Hope the voice is better.


    Punkass CG | | Reply
  3. tripe dessert — LOVE it — when will it be on incanto’s menu? We love your place, your food and your philosophy. Allez cuisine!

    ME | | Reply
  4. Razor clam with shaving cream, Killer.
    Its great to see you putting your humor to work in such a pressure situation. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Christopher Culp | | Reply
  5. Hey Chris,

    We get to NYC Thursday from Montreal. I’m hoping to catch the rest of the shows while I’m there. Family have taped the ones I missed while at Cirque.

    Terry Synnott

    Terry Synnott | | Reply
  6. Nice one with the razor clam and shaving cream! What was the cream flavored with? I bet fennel would be good…

    Hank from Jersey | | Reply
  7. Sad to see you eliminated from the last round but we look forward to our meal at Incanto on November 18… till then! N & L Aiello

    Aiello's | | Reply
  8. Chris, you fuckin’ ROCK and while I am culinary tame in my tastes, I would gladly eat the sautéed lower GI track of a northeastern spotted owl if you cooked it. I’m making my reservations….

    Matt | | Reply
  9. Watched TNIC every time it was on…re-runs and all. Couldn’t wait to eat at your place…Have reservations for tomorrow night and I’m making the 200 + mile trip…Tripe on the menu?

    Jan Eastwood | | Reply
  10. Loved the show – but was cheering for Symon all the way. I loved you too, though, chef Cosentino! Funny thing is after episode 1 I was cheering for you, Symon & Besh.

    Catherine | | Reply
  11. Lucky for everyone, especially me and Jan Eastwood, NIC is airing again on January 1st from 4-9! Following the last episode of the marathon will be a new Michael Symon battle.

    Catherine | | Reply
  12. It’s good to see someone in the kitchen with a farm and fisherman background. If only there were more chefs out there that truly have a respect for the animal – the kind you get from raising and slaughtering your own livestock.
    I think that the trends toward organic meats (those produced small farms, anyway) and the concept of ‘head-to-tail’ go hand in hand. Hopefully, this is where the future is headed. And Chris, with that said, you are way ahead of your time.

    jeffmerch | | Reply
  13. Hi Chris,
    Blast from my Newport past! I see Terry made a comment so I thought I would too. Congrats on the success. I saw you while I was vacationing in Hawaii and almost fell off my chair.

    Patty Ok | | Reply