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Jamies Olivers Fowl Dinners

What can I say but Jamie has got a set of brass ones for doing this, and I think its great more power to him for sticking it to the big food companies who want to treat animals like shit. Battery chickens what a fucked up process, what ever happened to coq a vin, now we know you cant get roosters cause they kill them at birth because they don’t produce eggs. I know this is a bit old but I am proud to show this and stand by Jamie and his efforts. Please take the time to watch theses videos there are graphic but very educational. Not only does Jamie slaughter chickens in front of the dinners he shows them the horrors of factory farmed chicken and eggs. Dont be offended remember this was a show on the BBC all over the UK.

To see the rest of the shows read on.

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  1. Great post Chris, I wish this would be shown on TV here in the states. I bet Tyson and Perdue would LOVE that.

    dmbfanmd | | Reply
  2. I don’t understand why the British law against battery cages or Prop. 2 in California targets the farmer. Why not ban the sale of birds raised in these conditions so that the already financially squeezed local farmers don’t see production shifted to other countries (like everything else)?

    Michael Buitron | | Reply
  3. I am a big fan of Jamie O and Hugh FW. I have seen every episode of river cottage and really like the British Philosophy. We pasture raised 3 Berkshire pigs this year and it is the best pork we ever had. I had a local guy slaughter and butcher the pigs that is only a few miles away. We just got 25 baby chick today so we can have our own eggs and birds to raise for meat. We will not be getting any Frankenchickens to raise for meat after watching this show. I Can only imagine what the factory farms are like in the US. Keep up the good work Chris.
    Thanks for spreading the word.

    DanSprat | | Reply
  4. Great show. Really important. Thanks for posting it, Chris. I just got a chicken coop and was getting ready to buy a couple hens. I wish I knew where I could find some rescued hens in the Bay Area. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Jay | | Reply