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Turkey Lungs

Turkey Lungs

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When most of you are eating turkey left overs I am using turkey lungs in a really tasty way. They are a readily available cut found in Italian markets know as pulmones. The US is the only country who deems lungs unfit for human consumption which went into affect in 1972. I dont know why they did it, rumor is that they felt they couldn’t inspect them properly. I think they taste great so here is what i did with them, ask your local rancher for some.

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  1. I havent heard much about I’m curious about other animals lungs that are tasty.

    Evan Leichtling | | Reply
  2. I’ve been wanting something else to do with lungs for years. I have only sauteed them up with other offal but felt I could do more. I think squeezing the air out will greatly improve them. I’ve never kept turkey lungs but I assume lamb won’t be too far off?

    I just figured US eaters wouldn’t want to eat lung – I had no idea it couldn’t be sold.

    christopherpepe | | Reply