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Goose Intestines

Christmas usually brings a whole bunch of geese to the restaurant to serve for the holidays. This year I got a treat with the geese, I got their intestines as well. There were great as a simple dish with beans, they resembled pasta once they were cooked. Follow the picture recipes and make some great dinner.

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  1. Wow. That is hardcore, even for me! I sure get a lot of duck and goose guts, but I’d have to clean them all myself, a far messier task than just rinsing them. Still, your recipe does look good — I’d like to know what the texture is like…

    Hank | | Reply
  2. That’s one GUTSY dish! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Can’t say that I have ever had goose intestines before. Something to try in the new year, that’s for sure!

    Carolyn Jung | | Reply
  3. Along with the beans and tomato, that looks really tasty. Thanks for all the pictures. I would have never imagined that the intestines would change in appearance so much after cooking. Cheers!

    Sherry | | Reply
  4. Some friends and I will be slaughtering chickens tomorrow, and this came immediately to mind. Looks like Thursday night’s dinner menu is written. I can’t wait.

    bull_charc | | Reply