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How to butcher a beef heart.

I have received a lot of questions about how to butcher a beef heart. I recently made a video to answer these questions. After the break you will find a recipe for beef heart tartare.

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  1. Mmmm, this video is just the inspiration I need to tackle the hearts of bison, beef, lamb, and goat I have in the freezer. I had planned to grind them to mix with bison meatloaf, but this looks much better!

    I’ll have to find a foccacia substitute, though, as I don’t eat wheat anymore. Perhaps lettuce wraps, cabbage leaves, or endive scoops.

    Anna | | Reply
  2. Beautiful. Thanks for the instructions on the butchering. I have been eying the lamb hearts available at a local sheep farm store, but had no idea what to do with them. This will definitely help. Please keep the videos comming. I find that the actual cleaning of the organs is a real stumbling block, and there are so few resources available.

    Luke | | Reply
  3. A very useful video – I am a big heart fan, and I am always asked how to break one down, so I will have them come here for that.

    As for the tartare, I riffed off yours with wild duck hearts the other day and it came out fantastically! Thanks for the inspiration.


    Hank | | Reply
  4. Thank you!! I have been trying very hard to make my “Hearts” clean as possible. This help much.

    Frank DeLoach | | Reply
  5. THANKS! I am slowly learning the wonders of offal and got a heart when I ordered my beef for the freezer. I had no idea how to prepare it, the book I have doesn’t really have good instruction and this video is exactly what I was hoping to find. Fantastic!

    Zanyzingzap | | Reply
  6. If you toss it in the freezer for about twenty minutes you can just remove the silver skin in one or two easy pieces.

    Matthew | | Reply
  7. Man that knife slides right through the meat! Where can I get one of those? My knives are terrible….

    Rhys | | Reply
  8. Thanks for the video!I was buying beef heart already cut up (wow do I appreciate that effort now) and just picked up some whole heart at the farmers market. Thanks for the detailed video on trimming and butchering. I think my dog will be very happy with some of those scraps:)

    Laura | | Reply
  9. Thanks, I’ll report back and let everyone know how well I did…about to clean up my first heart.

    mike janowski | | Reply