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Cooking with Alex Pardee and Upper Playground

This is the 2nd round of cooking with the artist featured on walrus TV and Upper Playground. This is a 6 part video series. This is a full day of cooking with Alex Pardee I had a great time working with him, he was a lot of fun and wasn’t afraid to eat. I must say the piece he did for me is great,  thanks again for playing Alex.

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Frying pigs ears

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splitting a pigs skull

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cooking brains and eggs

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Eating porchetta di testa

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  1. I learn so much from your howto videos. I’ve always sawed heads in half and get two half brains but I’ll try the clever method to get the whole brain out. Thanks.

    christopherpepe | | Reply
  2. Wow, I want to hang out in your kitchen and watch you make stuff!

    I had beef heart the other day because of you. I think it’s going to become a staple in my home.

    Jason J Brunet | | Reply
  3. Dude, the waterfowl community needs you to do the same thing for ducks and geese. I finally plucked a whole duck instead of just breasting it. I tossed the entire innards and was thinking Chris would be very unhappy with me. The problem is that I don’t know how to separate, clean and prepare the different parts. If I brought you a few ducks, would you do something similar?

    Andrew Hernandez | | Reply
  4. Nothing better than morning coffee and video of pig head break down! As a farmer and food lover Chris Cosentino is my hero!!! Can’t wait to get to the west and eat at incanto!! If you make it to virginia I will have heads, testicals and feet, and much more for you Chris!!!

    dsolberg | | Reply
  5. HA! I knew you were an U.P. fan for real. I saw you sport the shirts on the next top chef and superfishal sweatshirt in a picture but now I know for real that you are in deed a fan. I love it. it confirms why I thought you were awesome from the get go. im a huse Aesop Rock fan. Jeremy Fish too. My husband and I both have a JF art piece Tattoos. I actually just googled your name because I wanted to see if you had a JF tattoo as well. I thought I saw one on your left upper arm. Well so flipping awesome hanging out with Alex Pardee! Of all the awesome things a food network chef gets to do, this would be the highlight. I love these guys!

    Aesoprockslig | | Reply
  6. Chris is fucking amazing Wow, I learned so much from watching this video. It is so sad that Americans choose to throw so much of animal away. I hope Chris keeps doing what he is doing till his dying day. Thank you.

    Ed | | Reply