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6th Annual Head to Tail

stuffing vesica

stuffing vesica

That time of the year has come again, the 6Th Annual head to Tail. This year we will be doing 2 days of this special menu featuring the wonderful parts of those animals that we all know and love. The menu is fun I have been planning  and refining it since last year. I cant wait to see you all there.

For more information about booking a reservation go here. I have included the menu below.

6th Annual Head to Tail Dinner
Monday March 23 & Wednesday March 25, 2009

Note: menu subject to change depending upon availability.

Venison heart tartare, foie gras & ciccioli brioche


Goose intestines with fava beans & artichokes


Big brain, little brain with asparagus


Cordedda with peas, mint & sheep’s milk polenta


Coffee & Doughnuts: pork liver, blood, chocolate, espresso

    * Optional wine pairings will be available by the glass or flight

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  1. have you tried fish intestine? it’s actually the best tasting thing in the world especially when you first marinate it in korean bbq stye and then grill it!

    dina | | Reply
  2. Hi. I saw some photos of the ciccioli brioche, delisious looking bread, not sure about the heart tartare though.

    Dennis | | Reply